Bazi Reading 八字命理学

Mingli is not only an ancient theory of learning, but also a philosophy closely related to us. It is originally exploring the future, and people have vision of the future, so as to reduce the fear of the future, and it is originally a kind of operation theory in the field of mystery.

Therefore, the public does not need to take it seriously. But don’t play with Mingli in a scornful manner. Instead, study numerology in a non serious and non free state. Study Mingli in a sincere manner. The heaven and earth of numerology are broad and secluded. Only by maintaining a light and macro mind can you open your eyes, open up your field of vision, never set limits on yourself, and let the persistent dark clouds cover your mind.

Courses offered by the College / 本学院所推出之课程

About Mingli / 命理学方面:

  • Fanyang YiGua / 范阳易卦
  • Fanyang’s Star Selection Theory / 范阳星宿择日论
  • Life Fortune Theory / 人生际遇论
  • Philosophy of Human Nature (Mingli) / 人性哲学论(八字命理学)
  • Five line inference (five elements theory of change) / 五行求推论(五行变化论)