FengShui Class 风水环境学

the times are constantly improving, and knowledge is also enhanced by the times. the people of today’s era are all seeking truth from facts. They are no longer blindly following.

Therefore, there are different factions, and each division says that the belief that is blurred and invisible is passed down from generation to generation, which is the secret of metaphysics. in this sense of measure, the theory of geomagnetic omen is lifted up to the sky, and the theory of high uncertainty is preserved in the blurred realm.

There are many genuine scholars who want to know the truth and want to respond to the elderly. in the unanswered, unspeakable and unspeakable response, it becomes a mystery.

In today’s society, there are a lot of talented people to study and dissect the mysteries of Fengshui theory. Indeed, geomancy can stand the test and verification. Geomancy is not only geographical environment, but also real estate physics and environmental principle. The so-called “build on the ground, live on the water, recuperate by the wind, moisten by the rain”, so the weather is one of the life recuperations people seek.

The transformation of the environment is done by manpower, such as bridges, houses and roads, all of which are convenient for people. all these are part of the principles of Feng Shui.

About Fengshui Class / 风水堪舆学课程:

  • Fengshui of household (Yangzhai) / 家居 ( 阳宅 ) 风水论
  • Fengshui of tomb / 坟墓 ( 阴宅 ) 风水论
  • Fengshui of Commerce / 商业 ( 营谋摆设 ) 风水论
  • Fengshui theory of office (Management) / 办公室 ( 管理健力 ) 风水论
  • Fengshui theory of factory (production strength) / 工厂(生产健力)风水论
  • Geomantic theory of territory (construction strength) / 地盘(建设健力)风水论
  • Fengshui theory of urban construction / 城市建设( 环境造就健力 )风水论
  • Feng Shui Theory of nature / 大自然 ( 寻穴福造健力 ) 风水论