Fortune Telling 命理询问

The ancients used the eight character chart to calculate people’s character and the quality and gain and loss of their future life. Therefore, the eight character chart can be said to be a guide for people’s life, so that people can choose their own life under the criterion and the direction of their progress can be guided by a bright light.

People are living in groups. If you want to be appreciated and loved by others, you must know how to get along with others. In order to have the same tendency and common ground with others, we must share happiness, kindness, peers and consensus with others in thinking and behavior.

It’s the same with the eight characters of life principle. The ancients used to calculate the ancients and the modern people also used to calculate the modern people, but the calculation methods are different. Due to the changes of the times, so that people’s living habits also evolve with the times, so it can not be compared with the past.

Under the innovation of time and calendar, the eight characters of “life principle” have been gradually incorporated into the theory of human nature from human nature gene to adult sexology, that is to say, Fanyang university is now listed as the human nature discipline of teaching. In the study of the theory of human nature, scholars should keep in mind that they can’t be too corrupt and conventional. The times are constantly changing, and people’s thinking translation is also changing with the times. Therefore, it is necessary to decompose the ancient and modern human nature theory system, not to discuss the present with the ancient, or to discuss the ancient with the present. Otherwise, the contradictions, the errors, the misunderstandings and the adaptations are caused.

People in the pre-era, in terms of thinking and fate, stressed the luck given by the gods. Based on the concept of three cries and the generation of good and bad lives, they interpreted and dominated the process and achievements of human beings. In my life, I only hope for the blessing of the God of luck. Once I get the favor of the God of luck, I will be able to know everything. I will be confident to do things for people. It ignores the context of the matter, abandons the pragmatic concept, and faces it carefully. In terms of thoughts and ideas, there is a belief that “if fate is like this, what can a husband ask for?” it is not only life but also time. There is no need to force any more, but to stop. Even if there is a chance to start again and again, it doesn’t matter. Therefore, it suddenly lost the concept of direction and choice, and also wiped out the heart of chasing deer, and faced life with the fate of suibo.

Modern people’s thinking has improved. Most people don’t focus on intangible and boundless gifts. They don’t pray for and rely on the blessing of gods. They have learned that there is no such thing as a free lunch in the world. They have also learned that young people do not work hard and that the eldest ones are very sad. At the same time, it also lists the advantages and disadvantages of luck, which are based on the performance and attitude of the individual at ordinary times, and the coverage elements derived from the individual’s mentality, knowledge, reputation, responsibility and action performance, covering the advantages and disadvantages of luck.

The modern theory of numerology (the theory of human nature) is not the fate of the external media or the fortune tellers who are engaged in the theory of numerology. It indicates that the glory and wealth originally come from heaven rather than from people, and there is no coverage and coverage. As long as there are three cries, the fate has been arranged. If life is born right, you will not worry about clothes or food, wind and rain, wealth and wealth in the place you don’t speak, and life without shortage.

If God has such favorable treatment, ask the world, where is the productivity, where is the progress, where is the coverage element not to appear, and where is the glorious coverage energy.

Institute of Fan Yang, in order to be honest with the efforts of the predecessors, has carefully studied the theory of Life Science (the theory of human nature) left by the great spirit of contribution, integrating the efforts of the predecessors into the thinking effect of the modern people, reminding the modern people how to walk out of the first step of life, know their own advantages and disadvantages, and explore how to embark on their own road in the right time and in the shortest time , with the first barrel of gold.

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