Forward review 运程批阅

Forward review
The “journey review” launched by our college reflects everyone’s monthly journey through the ups and downs of the journey, the transformation of the journey, the tendency of personality and the achievements of the life trend created by more than 100 years’ experience.

Many people think that a Zodiac has the same fate in the same calendar. In fact, this is illogical.
很多人认为一个肖生属,在同一个年历里所面对或发生的际遇是相同的。 其实这是不合逻辑的。

There are 365 days a year and 12 hours a day (24 hours), which is equivalent to 4380 different changes in the same calendar. It also shows that the fate of the same zodiac is different in the same calendar. It is impractical in theory to judge a person’s happiness, anger, sorrow, happiness or fate change only by Xiao Sheng.

In view of the above arguments, the “journey review” launched by the college is written in the year, month, day, and time of birth. The “journey review” clearly records the changes of the journey month by month in the year. The records one by one are regarded as invigilators, so that they can be prepared.

Here, we sincerely hope that those who hold this “journey review” will pay attention to its value and study it well, so that they can get enlightenment and benefit a lot from this calendar!