Humanity Management 人性管理学

Genes and Elements of Humanity

The genes in the theory of human nature represent the original factors that are innate. It can also be said to be inherited genetic elements of the previous generation, and the genetic rate of the parents is very high. Therefore, everyone has his own inborn gene, which is the genetic factor of his parents. However, when he has his personality tendency, temper, happiness, anger, sorrow, or rational or emotional state performance, he has certain genetic action factors of his parents, which is only the conclusion of the high gene rate of father leaning or the number of mother leaning genes.

Gene factors are not determined to move forward. After all, everyone comes to the world naked when they are born. everyone is bound to face the process of life, old age, illness and death. this shows the question of the day after tomorrow, and confirms that life is different in the world. Everyone has different experiences, different circumstances, different environmental life, different events and different implications.

In the process of growing up, everyone will be affected by the positive and negative environment, which makes the gene infected, and the translation has evolved into a comprehensive characteristic. the original gene has been transformed into an independent synthetic gene.

All things are natural, and all living things, including human beings, are inheriting genetic factors. In addition to a little difference in appearance, all the models are the same. even personality and temper, inclination and hobbies are all alike, and the rate of assimilation and infection is very high.

Since life is born with nothing when it comes to the world, what we have the day after tomorrow, such as knowledge, internal and external self-cultivation of cultivation, moral character and rules of dealing with people, as well as all kinds of life-long assets, are all called coverage elements.

In the process of growing up, people will get different treatment. No matter how good or how bad they are, they will be affected by the environment. In terms of action and thought, they will have different impulses from the inherited genetic factors, which are different from each other. They will not be on the right track and run counter to the original cause.

if you want to finish or operate properly, you will need to cover the realm of the original elements to achieve positive results. Run on the right track, lead to positive operation, get good performance, so that people’s trust and respect.