Market Trend 市道走势

Forecast on Domestic Market Trend in the year of Geng Zi (Rat) – 2020/2021
庚子(鼠)年 – 2020/2021 之本国市势行情

Institute of Fortune Telling & Geomancy Fan Yang foresees the Malaysian Market for this year (Year of Rat 2020/2021) as still weak, but with room for advancement. It has been one and a half years since the new administration made their promises, yet with a low level of delivering, and lacking in substance. This causes the people to lose their hold on their perception, and also losing confidence on the administration. People will become conservative, hence becoming less competent. The market trend will then be low and uncertain. Life Index will be subjected to a great pressure. If the new administration can transform in time and adopts an open policy to energize the economy, to stimulate the emergence of new concepts on the part of the people, then new hopes and revival of confidence in the new economic core component will arise, thereby enabling the new strategy to progress steadily. The difference in the Supply/Demand Index is not much for this year’s consumers’ market, but provides satisfaction amidst a stable mode. The production sector will be much encouraged if local human resource responds to the call by the administration. The country will then advance in a balanced manner in the economic field and will achieve the desired goal.


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