About Principal Celia Yeoh Bee Yew 杨美佑院长

Celia Yeoh Bee Yew
Principal Yeoh Bee Yew, a senior fengshui numerology instructor. She has been engaged in the numerology industry for more than ten years and found that among the many academics. Fan Yang’s five elements are the most scientific and logical and the guidelines are clear. They can directly tell the blueprint of life. began to delve into the academic mysteries of Fan Yang’s five elements. Based on Fan Yang’s five-element theory. She adhered to the belief that believers should rely on credibility help one’s life make one’s life and benevolent thoughts. After preaching and teaching. She gradually accumulated deep experience. There are countless people who have instructed.
杨美佑院长,资深风水命理导师,从事命理行业已十年余久,发现众多的学术中,以范阳五行学术最符合科学逻辑,且指引最明确,能直接道出人生蓝图,于是杨美佑院长开始深入钻研范阳五行学术之奥秘,以范阳五行论命为基础,秉持着信者以信度,助人知命,造命,善念为先之观念,传道授业之余,日渐累积深厚经验,曾让 院长指点的人早已多不胜数。