About Prof. Chow 邹肇羽教授

Chow Siew Yee
Professor Chow Siew Yee, since he has little regard for the five skills of Chinese, he has a special interest in Numerology, Divination, FengShui, Palm facies study and Qigong). based on the origin of Fan Yang Five Elements theory, and then guided by Chen Ji, an expert in Fengshui and Geomancy, he brought together five essentials and made a total of one furnace so that Prof. Chow would be more determined to renovate the above five techniques and become an academic of modern innovation.

Professor Chow has studied deeply in the five theories of life, Bu, Xing, Xiang and Xian, and accumulated more than 40 years of practical experience and research experience. He integrated the above learning into modern society, and applied and practice, overthrowing the old myth of illusion and creating his own unique theory.

Prof. Chow has experienced a large number of people, and countless successes are supported by his academic experience. Prof. Chow has also provided rich experience for many domestic and foreign enterprises to provide decision-making and operational solutions, and has also become a senior consultant of several famous international organizations.