Visions & Missions 愿景与使命

the spirit and principle of the establishment of the school of Fan Yang’s geomancy is to innovate the experience of thousands of years of knowledge and treasures, and to integrate the needs of the times, so as to get people’s spiritual orientation in daily life, and to bring the knowledge tradition into correct, positive and positive faith, and to educate people regularly and guide people to get the right way. for this great mission, our college leads and develops a brief outline of human science and geomantic Science, so that people can navigate their spiritual directions. On the road of life can be spectacular broad step to the ideal.

Therefore, it is our aspiration to establish a college that can be guided, navigate and advance towards glory in the direction of our mind, thus establishing Fan Yang college.

Institute of Fan Yang will use actual actions and clear cultural knowledge to become a beautiful view in people’s lives, and a source of happiness and happiness. It will gradually spread to every corner of the world to implement the aspirations and spiritual mission of Fan Yang college. this great task requires selfless, fearless, fearless spirit and persistence and perseverance to achieve this great goal.

We have set up the first college in the center of Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. After a lot of hard work, we have gradually revealed the light of dawn. We have won the honor of a brilliant city and are loved by many students. From humble to large-scale primary schools, my reputation is growing rapidly, which makes me more confident to move forward and benefit the hearts and minds of all people in the world.